H.E. Mr. Jan Matthysen, Ambassador of Belgium in Thailand, makes an introductory speech before the concert. Maechan and Bangkorlaem Rotary presidents, Khun Porn Chiangchan and Khun Komol Rattomrattana, introduce the concert.
The Belgian musicians playing a composition of H.M. The King, "Love at Sundown". Traditional Akha dancers performed and danced on modern songs.
A Hmong song from the hills was accompanied by Mathieu De Wit at the piano. The students singing an Akha song with the Belgian musicians.
Student Wisaed played Kreng and danced, accompanied by Belgian musician Damien Campion at the double base. The hill tribes drummers added an extravagant local flavor to a western inspired rythms and songs of the Belgian band.
Mathieu De Wit and Damien Campion introducing the hill tribes rock band with
local intruments.
Fusion of styles and cultures. Tradional dancers performed on modern sounds and musics.
Bangchong Mayer, singing "Pid Plad" , one of his own rock composition. Bangchong Mayer and Saeksun Lacheku playing together.
Ajarn Paramet, of the Chiangrai Youth Orchestra, leading his hill tribes violinists. Herve Gosselin, the singer of "Belch'Quartet".
Saeksun Lacheku, one of the Akha students, surprised the audience when he sang "My Way" in French ("Comme d'habitude"). An emotional moment of the concert: Three students sing "At Dawn", a song written by Thanpuying Pungjit Subhamitra as a tribute to former King Baudouin of Belgium.
The stage of Sala Chalermkrung with the picture symbolizing the Royal friendship between the Monarchs of Thailand and Belgium. Celebration was not only a concert, it was a show which included numerous performers of the Suksasongkroh Maechan school.
Traditional instruments were at the rendez-vous, but were creatively used to accompany modern songs from both cultures. Chaetha Mayer was part of the rock band and sang a song from the hills of Chiangrai, later joined by Mathieu De Wit who also sang in Akha language.
Herve Gosselin, the Belgian singer, accompanied by all the hill tribes singers. Dancers dressed in the national colours of Belgium symbolised the friendship between the two countries.
Traditions and modernity successfuly blended during the concert, with traditional and contempory dances following the tempo of a collective composition of the students.
The finale of the concert which celebrated the King saw all the musicians perform together in a collective composition. Khun Yupa Petcharit, the MC of the concert invites the Ambassador of Belgium to hand over flowers to the Belgian musicians.
This concert was a symbol of the strong and long lasting relationship between the two kingdoms. Chalisa, one of the young violinists, Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz and the 4 Belgian musicians, after the finale.
Dr Jintanand Subhamitra, the daughter of Thanpuying Pungjit, receives flowers from Count Gerald after the concert. Happiness was the biggest reward for all the students and everyone who was involved in the organization of this wonderful event.