Herve Gosselin.

The singer.

Herve formed his first rock band in 1996.
He studied at the Jazz-Studio of Antwerp and the Conservatory of Brussels.
He took part in several workshops, among others with the American drummer Tony Basley.

After working intensively with the hill tribes students, he went back to Brussels with an incredible experience.

Plans are already under way to continue this valuable musical exchange.

Damien Campion.

Double base, base.

Damien studied at the Jazz-Studio and the Conservatory of Brussels for four years.
He gained experience joining several bands and playing different styles, such as swing, fusion, rock or free-jazz, in Belgium and abroad.

Apart from making friends and gaining experience, Damien and the other musicians opened the mind of the students to the rest of the world.

Jonathan Taylor.


Jonathan plays drums since the age of 14 and studied three years at the Jazz-Studio after four years at the music academy.
He joined the Conservatory of Brussels in 2004 and performed in numerous clubs and festivals before to form his own band, the John Taylor’s Double bass Quintet.

Jonathan teached the students to better play the western drums, but he himself had to adapt to the local drums and the local rythms.

Mathieu De Wit.


Mathieu studied music since the age of 7.
After 2 years at the Jazz-Studio of Antwerp, he joined the Conservatory of Brussels and followed numerous workshops and master classes.
He is now active in various bands and performs regularly in Belgium.

As the other musicians, Mathieu is now friend of all of the students. But he has also been an exceptional teacher. His numerous musical skills were of utmost imortance to this project.