Celebration, the preparation of the concert.

The 4 musicians of the Belgian band "Belch" came to Thailand 45 days to prepare the concert together with hill tribes students of Maechan.

They soon became passionate about this unusual cultural and multi-ethnic exhange. Combining the best of both world's musical repertoire evolved from a challenge to a successful human exhange and a great creation.

The concert not only celebrates the birthday of H.M. The King, but also his friendship with former King Baudouin of Belgium and the special bonds which exist between the two countries.

The collaboration between the Belgian musicians and the disadvantaged hill tribes students symbolises the universal language of music and the fact that we all belong to only one tribe: The World's tribe.

The preparation of the concert at the Suksasongkroh Maechan school
Banchong, the hill tribes singer 14 hill tribes violinists join the ensemble Damien Campion of the Belgian group "Belch" Suwan, on of the students playing drums
This preparation of this concert was possible because of the dedication of the musicians from the Belgian band "Belch".
Countless hours of rehearsal successfully made each of the hill tribes students part of this unusual ensemble.
One of the performers of Suksasongkroh Maechan school Mathieu De Wit of the Belgian group "Belch" Hill tribes drums will combine with western drums Hervé Gosselin of the Belgian group "Belch"
Not only this concert brought a lot of happiness to these disadvantaged children, but it also allowed them to celebrate the birthday of their King in Bangkok.
Jonathan Taylor of the Belgian group "Belch" Seak, the guitarist traditional culture mix with modern sounds perfectly Two of the drummers...
Some hill tribes musicians with the Belgian musicians. Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theater Cultures and styles mixed in a concert
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