Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz
It was certainly not easy to organize this event from scratch but our efforts were rewarded by success. Many friends and partners were involved and the whole event will certainly lead to new friendships”.
Chiangrai Classic Car Weekend
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On the weekend of 11 th – 13 th November 2005, we did host The Chiangrai Classic Car Weekend, the first ever travelling classic car event in northern Thailand. It aimed to unite old cars with ancient cities and architecture, with the magic views of the Golden Triangle as its backdrop. Starting from the impressive Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Hotel in Chiangmai, 16 classic cars, including a 1929 Ford Model A, drove up north to meet up with six more Chiangrai entrants, and to attend a welcome ceremony. The convoy then made its way further north, to Maechan, and finally to Insii Thai House. The classic car owners were later joined by nearly 80 additional guests from as far as Singapore, and together they enjoyed a traditional Thai dinner of the highest standard at Insii Thai House. During the dinner, catered by The Legend Boutique River Resort & Spa, traditional Northern Thai dances were performed by 36 dancers and musicians from Maechan. The party was just magic!

Rolls-Royce Corniche 1965
Assembling at the old prison park in Chiangrai
Complementary accommodation was provided at a nearby resort for all car owners and VIP guests. After a continental breakfast around the swimming pool of The House, the next day was the occasion for invited guests to admire the classic cars displayed on the grounds of the property. Visitors were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite cars, and while the most impressive cars certainly were the 1929 Ford Model A, and the magnificent Rolls Royce Corniche, the “people’s favorite” was a Red Morgan in immaculate condition! Red was also the color of the Racing Team VDS, one of the most successful private racing teams ever, which was established in Belgium in 1965 by Count Rodolf van der Straten Ponthoz, Gerry’s grandfather. A photo exhibition of the Racing Team VDS cars, which won numerous victories until 1983, was exhibited on the grounds of the property.
The red morgan at the old prison park
The red Morgan of Khun Amorn, which was voted the "people's favorite".
1955 Fiat Trihumph Herald
At noon on the same day, the cars and their lucky owners left Insii Thai House and drove on to the ancient city of Chiangsaen. Lunch was served at the Chiangsaen National Museum, courtesy of The Legend Boutique River Resort & Spa , and every owner was invited on a guided tour of the museum by its director, Khun Pramot. The rest of the day was left open for the cars (and their owners) to enjoy the landscapes and monuments of the Golden Triangle, to stop for coffee along the Maekong River or even to go on a shopping spree to Maesai. On the evening of Saturday 12 th, every car arrived at The Legend Boutique River Resort & Spa, where they checked-into their complementary rooms just before dinner. A beautiful buffet dinner, during which guests were entertained by Chiangmai American resident Scott Jones, was served by the hotel. While the whole event was hosted by Insii Thai House, sponsors and partners were to surprise the classic car owners even more with giveaways, such as valuable golden Regnas presentation boxes, high quality Ovidias Belgian chocolate, impressive ostrich eggs artistically decorated with New Zealand shells, as well as a beautiful painting of the Princess Mother.
Welcome drink at Insii Thai House
A welcome drink was ready for the car owners
on arrival at Insii Thai House, from
Chiangmai and Chiangrai
1929 Ford Model A Karman Ghia
Jeep Willis Rolls-Royce Corniche
Khun Kaewjai, Thailand Elite, and Count Gerald The buffet at Insii Thai House
Evening show at Insii Thai House The next day breakfast at Insii Thai House
The Racing Team VDS photo exhibition at Insii Thai House The Racing Team VDS photo exhibition at Insii Thai House