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Insii Thai House
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Exhibition "Thailand through the eyes of Belgian artists"
December 2004
Belgian Chocolate Afternoon Party
February 2005
The Chiangrai Classic Car Weekend
November 2005
"People of the World"
Sculpture exhibition
February 2006
The Chiangrai Youth & Hill Tribes' Violin Project
August 2006
Breakfast for the visit of Sathya Sai Foundation
September 2006
The Farang food and Hill Tribes' cooking project
October 2006
Launch of the Book

"Chao Phya Abhai Raja Gustave Rolin-Jaequemyns, General Advisor of H.M. King Chulalongkorn"

January 2007

Fire in the Bow

Multi-Ethnic violin concert at the Wiang Inn, Chiangrai.
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25 August 2007


Celebration !

The Hill Tribes students of Maechan perform in Bangkok!
An exceptional multi cultural and multi styles performances at
Sala Chalermkrung.

24 October 2007


Hill Tribe Magic

First ever Hill Tribe Magicians

Two magic shows in Chiangrai and Chiangmai that impressed over
4000 spectators!

March 23 and 26th 2008


Official launch
of the
Chao Phya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation
Book launch
at the residence of the Belgian ambassador in Bangkok.

29 October 2008.


People of the Hills

The first exhibition of young Lahu artist Winai Chaso.


Insii Thai House

13 December 2008.

Insii Thai House
Philosophy of our charity projects
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Without any doubt, Insii Thai House is an exceptional venue to organize exclusive private events. The setting and the natural surroundings can transform an exhibition, an evening dinner or a concert into an unforgetable experience. It is with great pleasure that we invite guests for these special afternoons or evenings at the house. However, most of these events have one thing in common; Charity.
Our concept of charity is not based on donations, but rather on exchanges. By being creative, and with the help of foreign artists and the local Rotary club, we generate revenues for the Rotary' Smiling Child Scholarship Fund, or for the activities of the Chao Phya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation. Both organizations are aimed at helping the poorest children of Chiangrai and at providing scholaships to the most needy students. An event organized at Insii Thai House is not only for the pleasure of our senses. It is also a gift to the children of the poorest families and their future.

Past events.
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Artitic event
Thailand Through The Eyes Of Belgian Artists Thailand Through The Eyes Of Belgian Artists Thailand Through The Eyes Of Belgian Artists Thailand Through The Eyes Of Belgian Artists Thailand Through The Eyes Of Belgian Artists
December 2004. Six artists from Belgium were invited to Thailand for an exhibition. Their paintings reflected Thailand "as it was in their mind" before to travel to Chiangrai for the first time. Over 50 high quality art pieces were exposed during a Garden Party at Insii Thai House.
Each artist offered one painting to be sold in favor of the Smiling Child Scholarship Fund. (Quick access)
Social event
Belgian Chocolate Party Belgian Chocolate Party Belgian Chocolate Party Belgian Chocolate Party
February 2005. A relaxed afternoon during which our guests were offered the high quality Ovidias pralines, imported directly from Belgium. The innovative Ovidias packaging allowed us to have fresh chocolate right out of the can. (Quick access)
Social/motor event
Classic Car Weekend Classic Car Weekend Classic Car Weekend Classic Car Weekend
November 2005. A 3-days travelling classic car weekend which linked Chiangmai to Chiangrai, Maechan and Insii Thai House on the first day. Followed by Chiangsaen and the Golden Triangle the second day. 21 classic cars took part in this yet unseen event in the north of Thailand. The oldest car was a Ford Model A of 1929, while the "people's favorite" was an immaculate Morgan. (Quick access)
Artistic event
People of the World People of the World People of the World People of the World People of the World
February 2006. French artist Paul Beckrich offered two months of his time to teach his very particular technique of "metallic enamels" to Maechan hill tribes' students. This educational project ended with an exceptional exhibition of 23 master pieces of the artist, as well as all the sculptures done by the students. The exhibition has been an enormous success, with all the sculptures sold in less than two hours. All the benefit went to the Smiling Child Scholarship Fund, and will allow 126 children to receive a scholarship this year. (Quick access)
Musical event
The Chiangrai Youth and Hill Tribes Violin Concert Geertje Podevyn Ajarn Paramet The Chiangrai Youth and Hill Tribes Violin Concert The Chiangrai Youth and Hill Tribes Violin Concert
July and August 2006. Belgian violinist Geertje Podevyn came to Chiangrai for two months. The aim of the projects was to help Ajarn Paramet, conductor of the Chiangrai Youth Violin Orchestra to teach quality violin lessons to the Chiangrai youngsters. But her dedication to music and the children went much further, with the introduction of violin at the hill tribes school of Maechan. 23 hill tribes students, who never played violin before, were given lessons during two months. It all ended up with a wonderful concert performed by both the Chiangrai and Maechan students. (Quick access)
Social event
September 18th saw the arrival a large group of Bangkok business women for breakfast at Insii Thai House. The whole trip was organized by Sathya Sai Foundation Thailand and included a stop at the house to see what kind of events we organize in order to help the local community. That morning was the occasion to explain how we use art and creativity to generate revenues for the children and their school. The end of the morning was rewarded by very generous donations which encouraged us to do even more. (Quick access)
Culinary event
October 2006. Khun Charoon and Khun Anong Sangpreechakul, who owned a restaurant in London for 20 years, came to teach hill tribes students how to prepare delicious werstern food. While many foreigners take advantage of their holidays to learn the Thai cooking secrets, teaching western food to hill tribes kids is much more unusual. It was a fun, relaxed and educational activity for their holidays too... (Quick access)
Social/Historical event
January 2007. A memorable charity Garden Party during which will certainly be remembered for a long time. Our distinguished guests could acquire the book in exchange of donations to the Rotary's Smiling Child Scholarship Fund. Over a million baht was raised that day. ( Quick Access )
Musical event
  Chiangrai Youth Orchestra Chiangrai Youth Orchestra Chiangrai Youth Orchestra
August 25th 2007. Insii Thai House and the Rotary Club of Maechan, hosted a very special concert of the Chiangrai Youth Orchestra at the Wiang Inn Hotel: Fire in the Bow. On that occasion, the 400 guests who filled the concert room not only enjoyed music, but also the particular multi-ethnic flavor of an ensemble which has definetely chosen to be different: "A string orchestra open to everyone who loves music and which proudly promotes its northern roots and culture". For more, visit the Chiangrai Youth Orchestra here.
Musical event
24 October 2007. A dream came true for the 40 hill tribes students who participated in a musical project done with 4 Belgian musicians of the "Belch'Quartet" band. This innovative event was a premiere at Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theater in Bangkok and was attended by 600 invited guests. The concert was the finale of a month of intensive rehearsal between the students of the Suksasongkroh Maechan school and the Belgian musicians. The result was not only a fusion of cultures and sounds but also an occasion for the young musicians to also participate in this year of celebration for the birthday of their King.
Besides the concert, which was enhanced by the presence of the Belgian Ambassador and several distinguished guests of the Bangkok society, a photo exhibition reminded the special frienship which developed between the H.M. King Bhumibol and former King Baudouin of Belgium. ( Quick access )
Magical event
March 23rd 2008, 125 VIPs at Insii Thai House. March 26th 2008, 4000 spectators in Chiangmai...
This has been the audience of the first ever Hill Tribe Magic Shows in Thailand. Among the spectators were numerous distinguished guests such as Minister Jakrapob Penkair, Tirawat Sucharitakul or Khunying Puangroi Diskul Na Ayudhaya.
The performances were part of a broader project, the "Magic Project", which aims at helping the disadvantaged students to reach a brighter future.
An undisputable success which will, once again, stay imprinted in everyone's memory. ( Quick access )
Social event
Official launch of the Chao Phya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation
and the Thai version of the Chao Phya Abhai Raja's book.
October 29th 2008 was the official launch date of the Chao Phya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation.
The launch was organized at the residence of H.E. Mr Jan Matthysen, ambassador of Belgium in Bangkok.
It was also the occasion to present the Thai version of the Chao Phya Abhai Raja book. This new version is also a limited edition which will be exchanged for donations to the foundation or the Rotary.
This elegant cocktail party was attended by lots of members of the Bangkok high society, including Privy Counsellor M.R. Thepkamol Devakula. (Quick Access)
Artistic event
13 December 2008 has been a very special day for young Lahu artist Winai Chaso, who made his first ceramic sculptures exhibition at Insii Thai House.
Over 50 statues inspired by the hill tribe culture were on display during this event which was presided by Chiangrai Governor Trisit Sinsomboonthong and attended by H.E. Mr Rudi Veestraeten, ambassador of Belgium in Thailand, and over 300 guests from Chiangrai, Chiangmai and Belgium. (Quick Access)