Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz
Garden Party, sculptures, fireworks,
126 scholarships !
The Hill Tribes Ceramic Project
The Exhibition

"People Of The World"
A project based on exchanges. Exchanges of cultures, horizons, techniques and generations.
Human exchanges, valuable exchanges, mineral exchanges.
Exchange through Art.
Exchange on Earth, through earth.

The Garden Party which took place at Insii Thai House, Maechan, on Sunday 19 th of February, will certainly be a lasting memory for the guests as one of the major events of the Chiangrai community.
The party was the finale of “Exchanges on Earth”, a charity project which was initiated together with the Rotary Club of Maechan. French artist Paul Beckrich was invited to teach his complex technique of “transforming earth into metal” to students of the Hill Tribes School of Maechan, as well as to prepare his exceptional exhibition “People of the world”.
The Hill Tribes' Ceramic Project The Garden Party & Exhibition
View the work of the students of the Hill Tribes' school View the exhibition and  garden party