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The Hill Tribes Ceramic Project
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"Exchange on Earth "
The Hill Tribes' Ceramic Project

Paul Beckrich arrived from France two months before his exhibition at Insii Thai House. During this time he not only prepared his sculptures, but also shared his knowledge with 10 students of the Hill Tribes' school of Maechan (Rongrian Suksa Song Kraw Maechan). The experience has been extremelly rewarding for both the students and the artist. While Paul certainly gained a great experience out of this cultural exchange, the children also learned the technique of "tranforming earth in to metal" from Paul. The program did start with the construction of a high temperature oven, followed by sculpting techniques and using metallic enamels.
The students constructing the oven at Insii Thai House
The construction of the oven was the
first step of the project
The oven...
First lessons of sculpting Paul preparing his exhibition
The students working on the first theme The second theme, an eagle
Paul and a student A student
Closing the oven after the cooking, taking the sculptures out of the oven
thermal reaction the result