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The Chiangrai Youth & Hill Tribes' Violin Project.

This musical event was, again, made possible because of the generosity of the people involved in it. Belgian violinist, Geertje Podevyn (Khun Gerty), decided to accept our invitation to spend two months in Chiangrai and combine her passion for the violin with the goal of local teacher Ajarn Paramet: Offer quality violin lessons to the greatest number of Chiangrai youngsters.

But the project did not end with this goal !Thanks to the dedication of Khun Gerty, the violin has been introduced for the first time in the Hill Tribes' School of Maechan; Rongrian Suksa Song Kraw Maechan. 20 Students supervised by Music teacher Khun Anurak followed Gerty's course at Insii Thai House during two months.

The aim was to offer the hill tribes children the opportunity to discover this wonderful musical instrument and learn to play. The students have been performing in the concert of August 20th at the house.Besides this, it was also a way to "open a new window to the world" to kids who have countless capabilities, but very few opportunities.


At the end of the concert, it was announced that 3 children would travel to Bangkok to perform for the Rotary and visit the city.

But 4 more students will be offered the chance to go to Belgium for two months in March and April 2007.

They will learn more about violin playing with Geertje Podevyn but will also learn the basic of the stringed-instruments making's profession. Once they aquire these skills, they will have the opportunity to use this new knowledge to make a living in Thailand, a country where this profession is nearly non-existent.