Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz
Giving the opportunity to hill tribes' students to learn violin might be seen as the good side of the globalization.
The Concert of August 20th
Pictures of the
Hill Tribes'
Violin Project
The 3 students who went to Bangkok
The three students selected for the trip to Belgium

The Chiangrai Youth and Hill Tribes Violin Project.

Pictures by weeks:
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1) Week 1 (10, 11, 12 July 2006)
2) Week 2 (17, 18, 19 July)
3) Week 3 (24, 25, 26 July)
4) Week 4
5) Week 5
(Short concert at Suksa SongKraw Maechan School)

6) Week 6 (Getting ready for the concert)

Geertje Podevyn (Gerty)