Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz
Giving the opportunity to hill tribes' students to learn violin might be seen as the good side of the globalization.
The Concert of August 20th
Pictures of the
Hill Tribes'
Violin Project
The 3 students who went to Bangkok
The three students selected for the trip to Belgium

The Students of SuksaSongKraw Maechan School who won a trip to

Among the 23 hill tribes students, 3 have been offered a trip to Bangkok to perform in the capital as well as to visit the city where they had never been before.

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On August 24, the 3 students went to perform with Geertje Podevyn at the Grand Hyatt Erawan for the meeting of Rotary Bangkok, the oldest Rotary Club of Thailand.
Together with the guest-speaker, Khun Chalie Amatyakul, the Children were once again the attraction of the day and were even interviewed by TV reporters.
After lunch, they went to visit the city for the first time, including the Grand Palace...
In the evening it was time to join the meeting of Rotary Sathorn, where they made another performance... including a dinner with a big chocolate mousse.

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