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First exhibition of young Lahu artist, Winai Chaso, in Phuket.

On May 22 2009, Winai Chaso, a young Lahu artist from Chiangrai and made his first exhibition in Phuket.

Invited by &Joy Gallery to exhibit 25 of his hill tribe ceramic sculptures, the exhibition was the first of its kind in Thailand's best known island.
The sculptures, depicting hill tribe figures of the Chiangrai province, successfully blend tradition and modernity, making Winai Chaso’s art rather unique.

Winai Chaso was still a student when the Chao Phya Abhai raja Siammanukulkij Foundation decided to support him in 2006.

At that time, a French sculptor, Paul Beckrich was invited to Thailand by Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz, Chairman of the foundation.
The goal of the project was to teach special techniques of enamels to Winai and a group of other ceramic students from the Chiangrai hills.

This project not only inspired Winai, but also changed his life.

From a remote village of the Thai/Myanmar border, Winai made his way to a brighter future.
With this exhibition at & Joy Gallery, the Phuket residents will not only admire hill tribe ceramics, but will also be the witnesses of the success story of this young Lahu artist.

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