My name is Saek, I am 20 years old and I am Akha.
I am an orphan. My parents died when I was about 5 years old.
At that time my family was very poor, so poor that we had no rice and had to eat corn and ginger for our meals.
As far as I remember I was never hugged by my father or my mother a single time and also have never felt how the warmth of a family could be.
Before my parents died someone came to take care of me. He asked me if I wanted to go with him and I decided immediately to go. I still don't know why I decided to go without thinking twice, but then I had an adoptive family.
Later on I received basic education and I had the dream to become an airplane pilot. But when I reached secondary school I started to be interested by music.
Since then I have been interested in everything regarding music and performance until I found out that this was what I really loved.
Later I became very interested in learning languages which I started to learn at AUA. It all helps me to compose songs in English besides the songs I already composed in Thai.
I am preparing an album which we will record on cd and will make some more concerts soon with foreign musicians.
Today, my dreams are becoming true, and I use the opportunity I received as good as I can to make it happen.
Saek Lacheku.

We know Saek, his background and difficulties since several years. He is the kind of person who had to fight for a living since he was born. Saek is clever and learns very fast. Among the firsts in his class at AUA in Chiangrai, he is also a hill tribe magician. He was part of the Hill Tribe Magic Show which over 4000 spectators attended in Chiangmai in 2008. But his real passion is for music. He played in several concerts in Chiangrai, Chiangmai and Bangkok, and composes his own songs. He is preparing a cd which the foundation will produce. While success is close but not easy to reach, Saek deserves to be given a chance...