I was born in Baan Ja ti, next to the Burmese border, in a very beautiful but very remote area of Thailand.
12 years ago I came for the first time to Maechan, in the Chiangrai province.
My father was bringing me to Suksasongkroh Maechan school, after walking 2 days through the forest and the mountains.
At that time I could not speak Thai.
Today, I study art in Chiangrai and I have my own ceramic shop at the night bazaar in Chiangrai.
I joined the “Ceramic project” three years ago, at Suksasongkroh Maechan school.
Paul Beckrich, a French sculptor, was invited to Thailand by Count Gerald (who everybody calls Gerry), to teach a very special technique of enamels. It was a technique which “changed the ceramic in metal”.
I learned the technique, which is very complex. We must mix many different metals or minerals with enamel, and then fire the ceramic in a very precise way to obtain the metallic colors than we want.
It like the project from the beginning and worked hard to learn the technique as good as I could.
I am a Lahu boy and also respect my family and culture. We, the hill tribe people, have cultures that are very old and we have our own way of living, our own dress… The ceramics that I do with my friends are all inspired by our culture.
I am very happy because I can make a product that is new, nice, decorative, but also inspired by my origins.
The Sindoi ceramics depict the way of life of many tribes, like Akha, Karen, Hmong or Lahu.
I hope that I can welcome you to my shop at the Chiangrai night bazaar, or at Baan Rao, where we have the workshop.
You can visit my website at
Winai Chaso

Winai is a very enthusiastic student appreciated by all his teachers. He invested his energy and time in the Hill Tribe Ceramic Project. He clearly decided that he wanted to make it his future. The Rotary and the Chao Phya Abhai Raja Foundation encouraged him to continue improving his technique and style. He was given all the tools necessary to make his dream come true, including a professional oven and a complete workshop. Early 2008 the "Sindoi Ceramic Shop" opened at the Chiangrai night bazaar. Winai is now on track to a bright and happy artistic future...