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Around Insii Thai House Around Insii Thai House Around Insii Thai House Around Insii Thai House
Insii Thai House is located in quiet surroundings of the Maechan valley, a short distance from Maechan City. Ricefields, lakes and a big forest are at walking distance of the house. To know more about the interesting places to visit in Maechan, please visit this website.

Around Chiangrai, elephant camp Around Chiangrai The Golden Triangle Around Chiangrai

The Chiangrai province offers a lot to those who are looking for nature and landscapes.
Chiangrai city is not a particulary nice city, but it is much quieter than Chiangmai. And everything you can do from Chiangmai is possible to do from here too. Apart from the temples and monuments, something not to be missed in Chiangrai city is "Chiangrai beach". It is a place ideal to relax during the day, along the Maekok river, with magnificient views. When travelling around the Chiangrai province, a trip to Chiangsaen is a must. It is a nice small city along the Maekong river where many ruins of more than 600yrs old temples can be visited. From there, the road leads to the Golden Triangle all along the river. The next stop in this trip will be the border city of Maesai, seperated from Myanmar (Burma) by the river Maesai. It is possible to cross to Tachilek, in Myanmar, for a bit of shopping in the market. Another place not to miss is the Doi Tung mountain, on which there is the Royal Villa. The views are wonderful and the little roads go through villages and forests. Besides all that, there is still a temple with a monkey cave on the road to Maesai, the elephant camps, of course, the hill tribes villages, and another mountain named Doi Maesalong. That mountain is different than Doi Tung in the sense that it has been colonised by chinese immigrants in the past and has its own flavor. It is also a good place to find tea from the local plantations...

Around Chiangrai Maesai river, which separate Thailand and Myanmar Boat on the Mekong Around Chiangrai