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Unseen in Thailand !!! A Hill Tribe Magic performance...

Pictures of the Gala Dinner here

The Hill Tribe Magic Evening Gala Dinner
Insii Thai House

The Magic show at the Gala Dinner at Insii Thai House
This project was done in collaboration with the Government Public Relations Office
Belgian Magician came to Thailand to teach magic to 10 disadvantaged students of the hills

First ever Hill Tribe Magicians.

Once again, Insii Thai House has been proud to present an innovative performance during an exceptional gala dinner on March 23rd 2008.

The event was the finale of an educational project done in collaboration with Belgian magician Sylvain Sluys, who came to Thailand to teach magic to a group of 10 hill tribe students.

Besides teaching magic to the teenagers of the Suksasongkroh Maechan school, his task was also to prepare an unseen magic/musical performance.

Enthusiasm has been at the rendez-vous since the very first day and after only two months the children were able to present a beautiful show, mixing magic techniques with humor, music and dances.

This project fitted perfectly with the philosophy of Count Gerald: Search for knowledge not yet available in the north of Thailand and use it to the advantage of the poorest children.

While becoming a magician is probably a dream of many youngsters, the ultimate goal of this project is to allow the students to gain special knowledge which will allow them to make revenues with a unique and unseen product.

The project has been innitiated with the support of the Rotary Maechan and the Government Public Relation Office, which have been valuable partners in the process of preparing this show, deeply influenced by the Thai and hill tribe cultures, using not only costumes and music, but also ancient stories and legends of the hills.

Besides the hill tribe magicians, around 40 musicians and performers were part of a performance which was certainly a premiere in Thailand !

The gala dinner at Insii Thai House was reserved for 125 distinguished guests who came from Chiangrai, Chiangmai, Bangkok, and as far as Malaysia and Belgium.

Several members of the Thai high society were present to the dinner which was presided by
Khunying Puangroi Diskul Na Ayudhaya.

See the pictures of the gala dinner.

The gala dinner was also the occasion to announce the much bigger performance of the hill tribe magicians at the Convention Hall of the Chiangmai University on March 26th 2008.

An event jointly organized with

Sansanee Sitapan Moller,  of Morning Talk / Ch11, entertained the spectators all along the show Jakrapob Penkair, Minister of the Prime Minister Office was the guest of honor in Chiangmai.

The Chiangmai's Hill Tribe Magic Show was presided by
Minister of the Prime Minister Office, Jakrapob Penkair.

See the pictures of the
Chiangmai Hill Tribe Magic Show here.

The new Hill Tribe Magicians Troupe

Insii Thai House