The weekend of 26 and 27 September 2009 has been a busy but rewarding moment for the foundation, its board members, Weah radio, and everyone involved in the projects innitiated at Insii Thai House.
Visit of the new buildings - Interviews - Board meeting - Approval of new projects and scholarships - Outdoor broadcasting
The day of September 26 started with the visit of the new buildings constructed at Insii Thai House and given for use to the Chao Phya Abhai raja Siammanukulkij Foundation. All buildings have been privately financed by the founders of the foundation. The first building, which was constructed next to the Insii Thai House stage, will house the office of the foundation, the office of the football and radio projects, a large meeting /classroom, the ceramic workshop, the gem polishing project, as well as several storage rooms. The building was designed to allow guests to sit on terraces overlooking the stage. This will provide additional sitting space whenever there is a performance or event taking place at the house. The material used for the construction and the design allow the building to perfectly blend in the Insii Thai House environment and its natural surroundings.
The building of the weah radio station is located further inside the property and was also designed to blend a natural look with a touch of modernity in order to fit together with the natural surroundings but also with the concept of the station.
However, once inside the building, the decoration becomes quite bold, using the Weah Radio logo colors; bright red and yellow with black.
The radio station has two studios, the "red studio" and the "yellow studio", both fitted with high quality equipment and computers. As for all the other projects, the board members provided the necessary funds to finance the project and make sure that it would be brought to success in a record time. On the other hand, it is the foundation which will have the task to manage the hill tribe djs and teams in the day to day operation.

The third building, just next to the radio station building houses an art gallery which will be used to showcase the work of the students of the foundation. Guest of Insii Thai House and the foundation will be able to look at ceramics, paintings and other art pieces all year round.

The second floor of this building is the Weah Studio. It houses a music room, a technical room and two recording studios. The aim os to be able to record the compositions of hill tribe musicians or the students of the foundation. It will also allow the radio station to broadcast music bands live.

After the visit of the new constructions, the board members gathered together to discuss about the past, present and future projects, including new scholarships.
The progress of Weah Radio was discussed in details and the board members were explained what will be the strategy for the future in order to make the project successful as well as beneficial of the society.
Projects like the Chiangrai Hills football team were clarified and agreement about the investment needed from the board members was discussed.
Future projects, such as the gem polishing project were also discussed.
The board members were then interviewed live on Weah Radio and gave their thoughts about how everyone can help the society in his/her own way.
The interview of Thaanit Vajarodaya, Vice president of the foundation and Director at the Office of His Majesty's Principal Private Secretary, was followed by the interview of Dr Adith Cheosakul, Secretary General of the foundation and Professor at Sasin, the business school of Chulalongkorn University.
That day was also the occasion for the lucky winners of Weah radio to pick up their prizes at Insii Thai House.
It was also the first time that Weah radio was organizing "outdoor broadcasting" of such a scale.
Four cameras were used to broadcast the interviews live on the Weah radio website ( Several hundred people were connected to the website at that time.
Following the broadcasting at Insii Thai House, the Weah radio Team, headed by Khun Pramin, headed off to the football field of Chiangrai to broadcast live the match Chiangrai United - Loei City.
The team of Weah Radio certainly made a big success on that night, with over 1000 people connecting on the website to look at the match. This on top of the thousands of people who were listening to the radio at home...
On the 27th, the board members flew to Bangkok to the Sirirat Hospital.
Khun Somjai Sasomsarp, who is also a board member of the foundation, has been hospitalized since three months, fighting a cancer. Khun Somjai, who is a highly respected government official, has been helping the foundation since the beginning. Everyone involved in the foundation or the Insii Thai House activities love her very much and we all stand behind her.
The 27th of September brought us a lot of happinness when we saw Khun Somjai enter the meeting room of the hospital. We all felt that she is on her way to recovery and we have been able to conduct a very efficient meeting. We are all waiting for Khun Somjai to be fully with us as soon as possible. Following the meeting with Khun Somjai, the board members did not miss the occasion to wish a prompt recovery to His Majesty King Bhumibol, who is hospitalized at the Sirirat Hospital too, by signing the register.