We can't receive if we don't give...

Insii Thai House and the Chao Phya Abhai Raja Siammanukulkij Foundation follow certain guidelines for all of the educational projects done in collaboration with volunteers:

The most important guideline is that the foundation will only accept help from potential partners who can be totaly trusted, have total integrity, show the deepest respect for the students, and have an attitude which will never damage the work that has been done in the past or the reputation of the foundation.

- As far as possible, we are looking for knowledge not yet available in our region.
- The knowledge can be artistic, musical, intellectual or practical (certain kinds of food, modern design, special architecture, and much more...).
- We will always favor artists, teachers, professionals or volunteers who are willing to help the students without financial compensation in return.
- While we cover most the the travel and living costs of the people coming to help the students, we do never pay any salary. Everybody in the foundation, including its board members and partners, works to the benefit of the students with happiness being the only compensation in return of the work done.
- We like to do projects involving foreign volunteers, since it adds a very valuable exchange of ideas and culture on top of the exchange of skills.
- We also favor the volunteers who we believe will put the interests of the students as their top priority, the same we do.
- We base our projects on the idea that everyone is there to help the students. Truly help. The success of the students is our best and most valuable reward.
- The artists, teachers, professionals or volunteers coming to help the students will work with a limited group of students during a period of at least 1,5 month. While some of the projects have lasted a shorter period of time, we believe that a longer period is much more rewarding for both the students and the volunteer. Certainly on the human exchange level.
- While we try to accomodate the interests of all parties involved, our top priority aim is to make the project successful for the students.
- At the end of every project we plan a closing dinner, exhibition or performance, depending on the project. To date, we have organized closing events of various nature, from gala dinners for VIPs, to important exhibitions or even a public show for over 4000 guests.
The aim of the closing event is to bring recognition to the work of the volunteer and his/her students, as well as to advertise the new knowledge of the students and try to launch them in a new carreer.

We always try to be innovative in what we do, or to bring something "new" to the local society.

There are countless projects which we would like to involve ourselves with in the future.
We are open to any creative ideas. Ideas or projects that have not yet been introduced in our region.

If you, or your friends, have skills and time which they would like to devote to the students, be very welcome to contact us.

Muscians, violinists, pianists, artists, ceramists, sculptors, interior designers, 3D painters, foreign cooks, lecturers, professors, computer animation specialists, circus performers, drama performers, actors, cineasts, DJs, professionals of all kinds, fashion designers,...
We ALL have knowledge that we can share.

Be welcome to contact us at insiithaihouse@hotmail.com